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CICAP - New Visual Identity @ All Right Reserved 2023

The students from the IED Milano Graphic Design course, under the guidance of BOB Liuzzo, have created a new visual identity for the scientific association. This new design aims to effectively represent the association's activities and values, solidifying its reputation as a respected and influential voice in the fight against pseudoscience and disinformation in Italy. 


The project focuses on updating the CICAP brand, using a simple yet iconic language to enhance communication and immediacy. The squares have been transformed into cubes or arrows pointing in various directions. This symbolizes the dynamism and curiosity of each Committee member, who approaches investigations with scientific tools and a comprehensive perspective.

A new brand identity design for CICAP, the Italian Committee for the Control of Claims on Pseudosciences founded in 1989 by the journalist Piero Angela and a group of Italian scientists.

01-cicap-restyling del logo

From official colors to a flag for rational thinking

The brand project has seen an evolution of the historic blue color of CICAP into a multi-chromatic palette with a strong iconographic, social and ethical meaning called THINK DEEP.The CICAP blues acquire a meaning that represents the transition from superficiality to depth with the SURFACE BLUE, THINK BLUE, and DEEP BLUE shades. A chromatic sequence that starts from the blue of the surfaces, such as the sea or the sky, and unfolds upwards and downwards towards darker shades, which represents the need to go deeper and explore dark places that scare us like the universe or the abyss. As with critical and scientific thinking, we cannot be satisfied with what is on the surface:  we need to ignvestiate in different directions to understand the world.


THINK DEEP is not merely a color palette devoted to the communication of the CICAP brand, but it has been transformed into a flag, a symbol for all those who want to tell the world that they support the scientific method and rational thinking in any field. 


As a flag, THINK DEEP can be used both in its pure chromatic essence and by placing specific symbols or phrases on it, to facilitate the identification of the global scientific community. The new CICAP brand identity therefore gravitates around two distinct and unique elements: the new logo, with a highly iconic shape, and the presence of the THINK DEEP color palette. All this will facilitate the practical use of the CICAP identity on any kind of material that the Committee will decide to produce over time. While respecting the history of CICAP through a link to the previous visual identity, the project has regulated and standardized each graphic element to ensure consistency and immediate recognition.


The new logo gives life to a flexible and scalable system with which it is possible to design icons, layouts and sub-brand dedicated to regional groups or thematic areas such as the CICAP-FEST, RADIO CICAP and any other activity that the committee will undertake in the future.

Art direction: BOB Liuzzo


Design team: Gaia De Tata, Lucrezia Mattioli, Alessia Panzeri, Paola Pinto, Davide Tartari, Giulia Gravina


CICAP team: Rodolfo Rolando, Kevin Zanni