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A New Visual Identity for the Italian Cultural & Community Center of Houston (TEXAS) @ All Right Reserved 2023

Where Houston speaks Italian

Founded in 1976 the Italian Cultural & Community Center coordinated the activities of more than 20 Italian clubs in the
greater Houston area with The mission of advance, celebrate and preserve Italian culture and heritage. The ICCC became a nonprofit
organization in 1982, In 1988 purchased the historic Milford House in Houston’s Museum District and became known as the Italian Cultural & Community Center.

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For Houstonians of all backgrounds, the Italian Cultural & Community Center is the gift of Italian culture to the City of Houston.

The new ICCC Visual Identity is based on a very simple and long term value: it aims at representing the Italian Community of Houston at wide; Italians, Italian Americans, Italophiles and all the people willing to know more about Italy and its culture. No matter if used as a flag or as a logo, the symbol is inclusive.


More than just a logo or a corporate identity, the ICCC aims at becoming a real community in Houston.

This is why the symbol can easily become a flag or a dynamic logo. It represents an entire community inside the City of Houston. discover more at:


While the flag is static, the logo is dynamic. In the logo the lines become diagonal, thus conveying emotion. In this way, the logo stands out when used for commercial purposes.


Though the logo is static and the flag dynamic, they are both based on the same graphic system and on the same conceptual values.

Art Director: Bob Liuzzo
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